• Superintendent Message

    I am honored to be the Superintendent of the Custer School District. I consider it a privilege for me to serve the students, the staff, and the community. Rather than leaving it there, I want to tell you why.

    This school and community helped give me my own identity. The school molded my character and groomed my intellect. One of my favorite teachers, Mr. Bredeson, who was my Algebra II teacher, was dedicated to my learning. I remember calling him at 9:30 at night for help. He told me to come over. When I arrived, he gave me a Coke and a snack before we went to work. Such dedication! However, Custer gave me so much more than a book education.

    My coaches taught me athletic skills. But, more importantly, they taught me the importance of the team. Personal sacrifices must be made for the good of the team. Personal time and conveniences yielded to the needs of the team. We also understood that we had each other’s back. The goal was to win, not see who could score the most points. At the same time, we learned that there are more important things than winning. Sportsmanship was a tradition that used to be rewarded with recognition and occasionally with a trophy. Effort and personal commitment were the priorities. The scoreboard did not always reflect the character of the team. The character of the team was left on the floor. I encourage the Rebels to unite with common goals backed by sacrifice and commitment. We need to forget we are two towns, and simply concentrate on one team with excellence as our goal.

    The music teachers gave me analytical skills that are useful in life. The attention to detail promotes excellence. Just like athletics, a band is a team – a musical team. Music groups have many of the same characteristics as the athletic teams. Students win when they perform to the best of their ability and learn to produce good sound as a team. I have been singing ever since.

    There are too many good things about Custer to name. But, I appreciated the leadership skills that were honed by people like Mr. Johnson, the FFA Advisor. School at Custer created some of my best memories. I hope our students are doing the same.

    I wanted to come back to Custer to give back to my roots. In Custer, our students can participate in virtually any sport or activity by simply deciding to show up. Showing up is not enough though. I want to encourage our students to excel in everything they do. I don’t care if you are not the best. I do care that you do your best. You will get out of Custer what you put into Custer.

    Thank you again for the opportunity to serve you.