• Let me take a minute to introduce myself!

    My name is Connie McQuire. I grew up at Ballantine, Montana and went to school at Huntley Project. My husband Sam and I have 3 children; Brieanna, Brandon and Sydney. I am also grandma to Wesley, Braxton,Wyatt, and Cash . I have taught at Custer for the last 11 years. My husband and I have a small hobby farm where we raise cows, goats, and chickens. We have 2 Corgi Dogs named Bo, and Louie. I enjoy gardening, fishing, boating and camping with my kids and grandkids. In 2016, my husband and decided that it was time to explore the world some. We've been to Alaska (twice), Hawaii, Myrtle Beach, Phoenix.  We are thinking of the next big trip.