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    e-mail: jtorralba@custerschools.org


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    Hello! My name is Jasmine Torralba. This is my third year teaching, but my first year in kindergarten and at Custer. I have been teaching in Billings and Canyon Creek schools but am very excited about starting in Custer. My husband graduated from Custer so it is fun to come to his alma madra. 

    A few fun facts about me. I got married last summer. I do not have my own children yet, but I have two very spoiled cats. We just moved out of Billings to start the school year. I am bilingual in Spanish and English and am trying to learn more American Sign Language. I am a certified Oula instructor and love music and dance. I like to play my ukulele even though I am still a beginner. I was very active in 4-H as a youth and am still a leader. I am so excited to get the chance to teach kindergarten!


  • Almost a month in!

    Posted by Jasmine Torralba on 9/13/2019

    We had a great week in kindergarten. The kids are learning so much. They read their first sentence this week and I am so proud! Please keep reenforcing these topics at home. It make a huge difference.

    To review from this week: letters s, p, t, m, n, c, k, a, number 0-8, ways to make 5 and 6, sight words a, an, and, can, I, the, the five senses, right and left 

    To prepare from next week: numbers 0-10, ways to make 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10, sight words zero, one, two, three, four, five, forces (push/pull), captial or lower case

    Please let me know if you want to volunteer in our classroom. There is a quick form you have to sign that I can send home with your child.


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  • Third week and rolling!

    Posted by Jasmine Torralba on 9/5/2019

    Another good week in kindergarten. It was a little differnt because of Labor day. The students are learning A LOT and quickly. I am amazed everyday. 

    There is a home JV football game Friday 9/6 in Hysham. Next week there are football and volleyball games in town. 

    To review from this week: Left and right, letters and sounds for s, t, m, n, p, c, k, greater than, less than, equal to, taking turns when talking.

    To prepare for next week: sound and writing the letter a, beginning sounds of words, numbers 6-10, and left and right.

    Make sure to check out their work on Seesaw. The kids have great projects on there. The September newsletter is online and full of great information!

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  • Week 2

    Posted by Jasmine Torralba on 8/29/2019 8:00:00 AM

    Another week in kindergarten is done! Kids had a great week. Everyone made it to prize bucket for behaviors as well. No school Monday for labor day. Kindergarten only comes Tuesday and Wednesday.

    To review from this week: Counting and adding to 5, identifying front cover, back cover, title page, spine, author, and illustrator, being honest, being a classroom leader, no blurting

    To prepare for next week: Counting 0-20, adding to 5, greater than, less than, and equal to, letters s, m, t, p, n, c, k

    Have a great, long weekend!

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  • First Week Wrap Up

    Posted by Jasmine Torralba on 8/23/2019 8:00:00 AM

    We had a good first week of school! Students learned the rules and procedures of class, how to use scissors and glue, some fun songs, and much more! 

    To review from this week at home: How to use scissors and glue, using the bathroom and washing hands, what to do if you want to speak in class (no volcanos), numbers 1-5 (identify, count, and write)

    To prepare for next week: Work on counting, identifying, and writing numbers through 10, singing the alphabet and identifying letters, reading with your student, talking about honesty

    Next week announcements: 

    Tuesday is picture day! All studnets will get their picture taken. This picture goes into the yearbook. 

    Lunch Menu:

    Mon- Burritos

    Tues- Stirfry

    Wed- Pizza

    Thank you for your support!

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  • Meet the Teacher Night

    Posted by Jasmine Torralba on 8/15/2019 1:00:00 PM

    Come meet Mrs. Torralba tonight anytime between 4 and 7.

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