• Mrs. Jasmine Torralba


    5th and 6th Grade

    e-mail: jtorralba@custerschools.org


    Hello! My name is Jasmine Torralba. I have been teaching since 2017. I taught in the Billings area before coming to Custer and falling in love with this district. My husband graduated from Custer, so it is fun to come to his alma madra. I graduated from Montana State University Billings with a double major in Elementary Education and Spanish Education.

    I don't have my own kids yet, but I am a huge fur mama. I have three dogs, Seuss and Jade are labrador/pitbull mixes and Squirt is an Australian Shepard, two cats, Alex and Blaze, a 15 year-old leopard gecko named Leopardo, and Roger the rooster. I have a heart for animals and struggle to say no to rescues that just need a loving home. 

    When I am not at school I have a few places you could find me. I work at Dee-O-Gee as a second job. I love to paddleboard with my dogs and friends when the weather permits. I am a trained Oula instructor and love to dance and do theatre. I also have a large indoor plant collection.